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Our customers are using our technologies and expertise to meet their own goals and make the world a better place, whether they’re discovering a cure for cancer, protecting the environment or making sure our food is safe.

I am forever evolving at Life Technologies. There is always something new to do and learn. - Chew Hwee Ping, Accounting Life Technologies is a place that values employees opinions and viewpoints regardless of your level or role. - Bob, Finance, payroll and accounting I help solve the toughest problems facing our society: food, fuel, health and security issues. - Dev, GM India Life Technologies brings nice things to human beings just as Life Technologies brings nice working conditions to me. - Ma Chao, Guangzahou

Alternative Energies: A Substitute to Fossil Fuel

Resistant to drought and pests, and able to thrive in locations not desirable for food crops, the oil-packed, non-edible Jatropha curcas seeds are a high-yield, low-cost source for next-generation biofuels. Life Technologies worked with SG Biofuels, Inc., a bioenergy crop company, to sequence the Jatropha curcas genome using DNA sequencing products from Life Technologies. The sequencing accelerated the identification of key traits of the oilseed-producing crop: attributes that indicated that these relatively small seeds could have a huge impact on the production of new sources of sustainable energy.

A scientist working on alternative energy development

Discovery: National Geographic's Genographic Project Tells Our Story

DNA studies suggest that all humans descend from a group of African ancestors who began a remarkable journey about 60,000 years ago. Using Taqman® OpenArray® products, Life Technologies partnered with the National Geographic's Genographic Project to analyze the DNA of hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. This sophisticated analysis will help chart the migratory history of the human species an unprecedented, real-time research effort that is closing the gaps in what science knows about the ancient migration stories of humankind.

Mountains and valley landscape

Food Safety: Egg Recall Hit 550M, One of Largest in History

In 2010, thousands of people died from illness linked to a massive Salmonella outbreak. That same pathogen resulted in the largest egg recall in U.S. history, allowing Life Technologies to develop a fast and accurate assay—the TaqMan® Salmonella Enteritidis Detection Kit—to help ensure the eggs reaching our supermarkets do not contain this pathogen.

Eggs and a cracked egg with yolk

Criminal Identification: Katie’s Story

In 2003, Jayann Sepich’s daughter Katie was murdered and the attacker’s DNA was found under Katie’s fingernails. At the time it was illegal in New Mexico to take a DNA sample upon a felony arrest. Knowing this drastically reduced the chances of finding her daughter’s killer, Jayann made it her mission to see legislation—“Katie’s Law”—passed in all 50 states to mandate collecting DNA upon felony arrest. Katie’s Law passed in New Mexico in 2006, and a DNA match identified Katie’s murderer—a man who was arrested in 2003 for another crime. Had a DNA sample been taken upon his arrest for the unrelated crime, Jayann may have discovered who killed Katie three months after her death.

A Life Technologies scientist doing DNA testing for criminal investigation

Animal Health: Keeping Our Pets Safe

Traditional culture-based methods for Salmonella screening in pet food can take five to seven days for results. This not only slows distribution for pet food manufacturers, but it also increases the risk for an epidemic among pets if the time isn’t taken to do the testing. A major pet food supplier challenged Life Technologies to develop a workflow to detect Salmonella species in dry pet food in less than 20 hours. Rising to the challenge, our team designed a workflow that works typically within 12 hours to help keep healthy food flowing into our pets’ bowls. 

A dog eating food from a green bowl

Medical Treatments: Enabling Our Customers to Make a Difference

Researchers at Galapagos identified new drug targets to treat inflammatory ailments such as Crohn's and Alzheimer's disease through an innovative target screening process. The discovery was made possible by Lipofectamine® products from Life Technologies, which provide a range of specialized reagents that have the ability to consistently transfect—a method of gene transfer that infects a cell—in many different cell types with high efficiency and exceptional ease of use.

An elderly couple smiling closely together