How do I update my cover letter or resume?

After logging into your profile, click on Resume/CV Manager. You will see which jobs your resume is attached to by clicking “View Submissions.” If you would like to edit a resume you submitted for a particular job, click on the pencil icon next to that resume. This will allow you to upload your edited resume. Follow these same steps to edit your cover letter.


If I do not see current positions that match my skill set, should I create a profile for future openings? 

Yes. The profile enables you to enter your information once and apply to numerous positions. As long as you keep your information and resume up to date on your profile, when a recruiter reads your resume, it will always use the current version. Creating a profile also allows us to find current and future jobs that may suit you.


How will my profile information be used? Will it be kept confidential? 

The information in your account always remains confidential to Life Technologies. It will be shared with our Talent Acquisition team and the hiring manager of the position(s) you have applied for only. We use your information to keep in contact with you regarding your interest in positions at Life Technologies and to evaluate your skills and experience against the requirements for the positions you have expressed interest in.





After I apply to a position, will you confirm that you have received my resume? 

Yes, an automated email will be sent to you.


Can I meet with a recruiter to discuss my background? 

Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot guarantee an opportunity to discuss your unique qualifications with a recruiter. Should an opening match your skills, we will call you directly.


I recently submitted my resume to a specific position. Now what? 

First, your resume is reviewed against the position’s qualifications. If it is determined that you are a good match, we will contact you to schedule a telephone or on-site interview.


What are the steps in the hiring process? 

After an initial screening of your resume by a member of our Talent Acquisition Team, qualified resumes are sent to the hiring manager for review. Next, the manager requests interviews with candidates determined to be a good match and a series of interviews, including telephone and on-site, are conducted. Based on the results of these interviews, an offer for employment is usually extended to the most qualified applicant.


How should I prepare for an interview at Life Technologies? 

As you’ve most likely already discovered, Life Technologies has a comprehensive website with information about our company. Take a few moments to review it; you’ll probably find interesting facts that will make great conversation starters. We also suggest taking time to research the department or business the job you are interviewing for is in. You may also reach out to your recruiter to request specific information about the department.

In addition, prior to your interview it’s always a good idea to review the job description. Be prepared to talk at length about your resume and experience, as well as your professional goals and desires. We also always recommend wearing professional interview attire for an on-site interview.





What type of benefits am I eligible for? 

We offer a suite of competitive health, wellness, financial, and supplemental benefits for every phase of your personal and professional life. There are a variety of components that make up our benefits programs:

  • Physical wellness: Support for your physical well-being through health care, wellness, and supplemental benefits.
  • Financial wellness: Support for your financial well-being through benefits to help you save for the future and protect your income.
  • Other benefits: Support to help you manage your life outside of work, such as time away.
  • Tools and resources: The means to make personalized and empowered decisions about your benefits.
  • We offer benefits for all of our active, regular employees and their eligible dependents.



What type of career development opportunities does Life Technologies provide? 

We create opportunities for your continuous learning, growth and development. Life University is our premier source of training and development resources throughout the company. It consists of many schools that deliver programs on everything from management development to job-specific development within sales, marketing and operations, just to name a few. Employees also have access to MoDU—Life Technologies’ Mobile Digital University—a unique, online and mobile learning platform. Each module focuses on a single topic that can be learned in 20 minutes or less with minimal activity requirements.


Are you on social media channels? 

Yes, please visit our social hub.  


Which web browsers does the Life Technologies careers site support? 

Internet Explorer 7 and up, Firefox, Chrome and Safari





Do you hire students? 

Yes. We hire college students and new graduates into a variety of positions in all areas of our company including research and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing, information technology, human resources and finance.


Do you hire international students? Do you sponsor visas? 

Yes, we hire students who are able to provide authorization to work in the particular location of his or her internship. We also sponsor visas as necessary and at the discretion of the business.


Do you offer relocation for students and graduates? 

Yes, we provide relocation at the manager’s discretion and as allowed by IRS regulations. Not all positions are eligible for relocation assistance.


When do the internship and graduate opportunities begin?

We are flexible on start dates and understand you have your school obligations. We will determine a start date that is suitable to you and your hiring manager. Most intern positions are posted in January and February for summer hiring and are filled by May.


What is the recruiting process for students and graduates?

Once you submit your resume to a position, we review your qualifications against the requirements of the position. If you meet the requirements, we forward your information to the hiring group. If the hiring group is interested in speaking with you further (either through on-campus interviews or other methods) we will contact you. Once interviews are complete, an offer decision is usually made.


Where can I meet a recruiter?

Our recruiters are always out and about, click here to see our upcoming events.


What is the best way to stay aware of student opportunities at Life Technologies?

Please follow the Life Technologies Student Hotspot.


How do I find out if you are coming to my school?

Click here to see our event schedule.


What type of students are you looking for? 

We are looking for students in a wide array of majors who are passionate about working in the life sciences industry. 


What is a typical day like? 

We are a fast-moving company filled with people who are always looking for a better way. We are revolutionary—dynamic, dedicated, and passionate about creating breakthroughs that change the world for the better. All of our team members are empowered to continually seek and define opportunities for innovative growth—opportunities that strengthen our product leadership position, enrich our customer experience, and refine our employee experience.





Tell me about your internship program?

Life Technologies is committed to making your internship best in class. We offer a true, hands-on experience, the opportunity to solve real-time problems, the chance to network with other interns from different backgrounds, and share in activities like community service projects.

All of our internships are project based. That means when you first start, you will be assigned one project that you will work on during the entire duration of your internship. In addition to the project you are assigned, we host a variety of events such as executive speaker series, volunteer events, video projects and poster presentations that will connect you with managers throughout Life Technologies and allow you learn more about our company, industry and culture.


How long is a typical internship? 

Most of our internships take place over the summer and are 10 to 12 weeks in duration.


What types of majors do you look for? 

We hire for every division within our company and as a result look for a wide variety of majors. 


Does it help my chances to get a regular full-time job if I complete an internship at Life Technologies?

Absolutely, we view our internship program as a source for long-term hiring and have an evaluation process in place that encourages intern conversion.


Do I get course credit for an internship?

It is up to the student to work with his or her school to determine if credit is available. In most instances if a student is eligible for credit for the internship, we will help you complete the necessary steps.





What types of majors do you look for?

We hire for every division within our company and as a result look for a wide variety of majors. 


Do you have learning and development programs? 

 Yes, we offer on-boarding tools and resources, access to the Life University training curriculum and a variety of programs that foster networking, mentorship and community outreach.